About Us

Moonstar Lodge was formed in 1981 as an alternative healing and spiritual centre.  It has been located in different physical locations over the years, but the mandate remains the same. It is also the showcase for the creative talents of Kathryn and Brian.

Reverend Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady was ordained and licensed as a Spiritualist minister, and is presently an ordained, licensed minister and Moderator of Wolfe Island Aboriginal Interfaith Church. Kathryn has been chair person of the north-central region of the Ontario Multifaith Council since 2009.  Kathryn has connected with the “spirit world” since childhood, and has channeled professionally for 35+ years.  She and her husband Brian were National Elders with the former Canadian Métis Council, and are Directors of Moonstar Lodge.  Kathryn (“Kateri” in Mohawk) is a celebrated First Nations medicine person, author, practising shaman, and teaches aboriginal programs from an Anishnabek perspective at the lodge.  Brian is of Micmac heritage, and is also a practicing shaman. Both Brian and Kathryn graduated from the University of Guelph, she with a B.A. in psychology and he with a B.A. in sociology. Watch her video here.

Kathryn expresses her spirituality not only through her spiritual services but also through her artistic endeavours.  Her custom jewellery incorporates her extensive knowledge of crystals as well as her energy healing skills.  She is a textile artist, and teaches quilting as a member the Canadian Quilters Association.  Kathryn taught quilting and 16 other textile arts programs at community colleges (doing curriculum development for 8 of them) during the 1980’s through early 1990’s.  She is a master knitter, quilter, spinner, jewellery maker, author and freelance lecturer.  She has exhibited in various galleries across the country.

About Mediumship/Channeling 

I am often asked to explain mediumship therefore I am providing this document to help clarify the process.  As a human medium or channel I am contacted by one or more spirit entities who help provide information [verifiable or not], perform some sort of physical manifestation [movement of objects, orbs, healing] and/or manifest themselves somehow. When spirits manifest themselves is often for the purpose of identification.

There is a general distinction between spirits who wish to communicate and spirits who wish to manipulate energy. The first are "spirit communicators" and the latter are "spirit operators". Those spirit communicators are utilizing mental mediumship and spirits manipulating objects for creating ectoplasm are utilizing physical mediumship.  The categories in parapsychology include:

  1. Clairvoyance - this means clear seeing; the medium may objectively visualize [external to them] or subjectively visualize [internally] an entity who is presenting themselves for communication.
  2. Clairaudience - the faculty of hearing spirits - again this can be objective or subjective in nature.
  3. Clairsentience - the ability to feel spirits whether this manifests as touch or thermal depends on the circumstances.
  4. Clairolfaction - the ability to smell odors which do not emanate from a verifiable source in the environment.

Any of these faculties can be retrocognitive meaning from the past, or precognitive which pertains to the future.

There is a lot of confusion about spirit guides and teachers versus Angels. I work with my own personal guides who are people who have lived a human life on earth and now are passed into spirit. An Angel was created without free will and never existed on Earth as a human being. So your grandmother by example cannot become a guardian angel when she passes - she is a guide or a teacher or a loved one but not an Angel. In aboriginal culture we also have totem animals.

Another misconception is that guides are always people we know. This is not the case - people in spirit are attracted to us and our situations because they can help or had experience with the same situations when they were alive. Guides come because in the act of helping us they increase their own vibration. There are many levels of vibration in the spirit planes and I always caution people to work with those spirits who demonstrate the highest and the best vibration. There are earthbound spirits and demonic entities who delight in tricking or becoming attached - to that end avoid using Ouija boards!  A psychic medium is someone who can see both earthbound spirits and those who have passed through “the light”, in other words, have gone to a higher vibration than the earth plane.

There are many good resources available to read about spirit work, channeling, mediumship and Angels. Feel free to contact me if you would like reference material.


About Fees

A fee structure for our services has been in place for many years under the advisement of the Board of Directors of Wolfe island aboriginal interfaith church.  98% of theologians in North America are paid by their churches, have a manse to live in and many of their expenses covered. Their congregation is honoring the clergy and freeing them up to be available for spiritual services to that congregation. Wolfe Island is not in a position to pay me. I have always worked at jobs over and above my spiritual work.  However at this time the increased amount of spiritual work I am being requested to do predicates the need for the services I perform to cover my basic living expenses. Like a professional in any other field I paid for University and postgraduate courses to prepare me to be a medium and healer. I even paid the elders who trained me in the shamanic work that I learned to do over a period of 10 years.

I have come to an age where I cannot both work in the community in a separate job just to be able to provide and work at spiritual care. Therefore fees for service are expected to be paid prior to the service being performed. I have also learned from experience that many people who get something for free place little value on it. We appreciate your understanding and support.


About Payment Options

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